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Tuesday, August 19, 2014
On Monday September 1st we will be having a BBQ with Chicken or Ribs. $7.50 a plate. Tickets are on sale now, see your bartender. There will be entertainment on both sides of the Lodge. ALL PROCEEDS GO TO CLEANING THE CARPETS IN THE LODGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on out and have some Moose Family fun!
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  • 08/27/2014 Cypress 202 Moose Legion Celebration
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Administrator's Message
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Hello my brothers and coworkers,
As we say good by to all our northern friends it's time to switch gears. We have had a great winter with allot of excitement. Boy our snow birds have some tall tale's to tell about the new meaning of Queen of Hearts!
We have planned well for the slower summer months but we still need to keep our belts tight and work together to enjoy the summer and continue to keep our promise to the children at Mooseheart and our seniors at Moosehaven. It is who we are, enjoying life with our brothers and coworkers, while supporting our Children and seniors.
We will try to have special events each month through out the the season and if anyone has a suggestion please tell me or any of our officers.
Speaking of officers, I want to welcome our new board that begins May 1. Brian Lewis as Governor, Don Kincaid as Jr. Governor, Denny Mason as Jr. Past Governor, Lou Disbrow as Treasurer, Jerry Lane as Prelate, Larry Robertson as 1st yr. Trustee, John Oliver as 2nd yr. Trustee and Bill Cline as 3rd yr. Trustee.
And let's not forget to thank the out going officers for all their efforts to restart our growth.
THANK YOU everyone for what you have done and do, as a team we can do anything.
If anyone needs to talk to me for any reason just stop in the office and see me. I here Monday thru Friday all day, including Wednesday evening untill 7 PM and Fridays to at least 6PM.
When you come in just say hi anytime, I enjoy seeing everyone!

Always Fraternally,
Chuck Plourde
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